Face Shield Assembly Instructions

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Thank you from all of us at LAI International to all the nurses, doctors, EMTs, first responders, and other healthcare heroes. We are immensely grateful to you for all you are sacrificing and risking to keep us, our families, and our communities safe and healthy during this pandemic. To do our small part to protect you and support your immeasurable efforts, with the assistance of the physicians at The Airway Company, we have manufactured and are distributing reusable face shields to the teams at local hospitals. Instructions for assembly are below. Stay safe. Stay healthy. We are all in this together.

Assembly Instructions

1. Disinfect with soap and water before and/or after assembly

2. Remove protective liners from both sides of shield

3. Insert second tab on headband into second hole in face shield

4. Insert first tab on headband into first hole in face shield

5. Insert third tab on headband into third hole in face shield

6. Insert fourth tab on headband into fourth hole in face shield