LAI International Newsletter – November 2017


LAI International has a keen focus when working with Customers to find solutions to their problems, whether they are related to quality, schedule, or cost.  One of the key attributes of our culture is to listen to our Customers to ensure their needs and requirements are met.

We strive to win business in a competitive landscape, and are committed to delivering quality results on-time – This is part of our DNA!

We receive many messages from our Customers, and we are always ready to provide quality support, whether there is a need for critical parts, a compressed schedule, or to provide solutions after others have been unsuccessful.  Time and time again, Customers call LAI when they have complex issues that need a reliable solution the first time, and we are always eager to meet and exceed their expectations.

We take pride in our Associates and their ability to adapt and learn new tools and skills, and we strive to provide excellent Customer service each time. When engaging Customers, our Associates work hard to ensure their needs are expressed properly, and promptly.  LAI also takes the time to share the “voice of the Customer”, both good and not so good, to ensure all members of the team, from the machine operator, to our CEO, receive feedback. 

This feedback helps us to improve our process when making products, quoting opportunities, or interfacing with our Customers to provide the best experience with each and every engagement.

Whether applying a new technology like Additive Manufacturing, guiding Customers through development to production, or a developing a legacy process to build product in less than lead time, our LAI team is ready to give our Customers the exceptional Customer service they expect from us.


Michael Koesling

Vice President of Engineering & Sales

Top 5 Considerations for Choosing a Metal 3D Printing Supplier

By Caitlin Oswald, Additive Manufacturing Specialist at LAI International

When jumping into the world of additive manufacturing for critical applications, it’s important to ensure material quality and integrity, along with a conforming geometric output.

Choosing a supplier who understands all the key process characteristics, and has developed a systematic and effective approach to controlling quality, can be challenging. To help you with this task, we put together the Top 5 Considerations for Choosing a Metal 3D Printing Supplier.

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Technically Strong, Cooperative, and Delivering on Promises

Ed Hood is the strategic sourcing manager at Pratt & Whitney, for a group that completes sourcing for various air foils, including fan blades, IVR, and compressor air foils. Ed discovered LAI International a little over four years ago when the company was in need of a supplier to produce leading-edge sheaths, the most challenging part of a fan blade. LAI was perfect for the job, as they were expert manufacturers of leading-edge sheaths, and surpassed the work of their competitors.

When referring to LAI, Ed stated that “they sort of quickly emerged as the company that could manufacture the leading-edge sheath, and they could do it better than several other companies. LAI’s quality and capacity has outstripped everyone else.”


While working with LAI, Ed interacted considerably with P.J. Gruetzmacher, Chief Executive Officer and President. Ed noted, “P.J. has assembled a pretty strong staff in every plant that we have dealt with. They are strong technically and they are cooperative. P.J. is aggressive in marketing what their capabilities are, and they also have strong approaches to developing his people and getting good talent.” What Ed likes most about LAI, is their willingness to take on most any technical challenge they are faced with. “They lived up to what they promised they would do. A lot of suppliers in aerospace promise the world and don’t deliver, especially in the case of these sheaths. They have certainly lived up to all our expectations.”

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About LAI International

LAI International is a premier provider of highly-engineered, mission-critical components since 1937.  We help OEMs meet production goals by delivering high quality complex components on time, every time, at the right value.

We specialize in serving top-tier Customers from the most demanding industries, such as:

  • Aerospace and defense
  • Medical device
  • Energy/Power/Water
  • Industrial

Through decades of delivery performance fueled by our culture of innovation and exceptional engineering, LAI specializes in the core phases of the product lifecycle, from R&D (Research & Development) to NPI (New Product Introduction), LRIP (Low Rate Initial Production) and FRP (Full Rate Production). In addition, we are experts in cutting edge technologies, as demonstrated by becoming the first ever NADCAP certified Additive Manufacturer in the world.