Non- Conventional 5-Axis CNC Machining

LAI utilizes waterjet, laserjet, and wire electrical discharge machining technologies to support our Customers with unique solutions for their difficult engineered components. We leverage our years of expertise to allow the Engineering design to be optimized to satisfy the exacting specifications that our aerospace, defense, medical, and industrial Customers desire.

Our engineers, technicians, and operators have developed skills and processes that take the off the shelf equipment we purchase and provide a unique solution that other competitors are unable to offer and execute.

LAI continues to research and develop applications that new technologies will assist us in providing better value to our Customers as demonstrated by our Technology insertion of Additive Manufacturing in 2015, our Precision Electro Chemical Machining coming in 2018, and the addition of robotics in the 2018 timeframe.

Laser Cutting a Titanium Plate

CO2 Laser Cutting a Sheet of Adhesive Product

Electrical Discharge Machining

EBM Melting a Titanium Layer of Powder